Corporate Profile
        Suzhou Jiafeng Technology was established in December 2007 Suzhou, and specialized in manufacturing high quality precision part and toolings, The total amount of current investment in equipment is over 2.5 million US dollars. today, it is one of the leading precision engineering service providers in the region delivering a complete suite of services. As an One Stop Solutions Provider,We are capable to provide schematic blueprint design, prototyping, assembly, integration, testing, and commissioning of full turn key projects, as well as manufacturing of customized equipment and fabrication of precision processed components. Our customers distribute from various industries, including the semiconductor, test equipment, industrial / factory automation, automotive, office automation, healthcare equipment and consumer electronics.
       Our Workshop area of 2000㎡,Staff member 35,annual turnover about RMB 18 million per year.our customer are medical and optical, Multi variety and small batch, One Stop Solutions Provider.

Corporate Milestones
           ◆Year                   ◆Event
           2007                    Business inception in Suzhou.
           2007                    Join SIEMENS medica supply chain.
           2007                    Awarded ISO 9001 certification.
           2008                    Join Carl Zeiss supply chain.
           2008                    Join Celestica supply chain.
           2010                    Awarded ISO 9001:2008 certification.
           2010                    Join Newport supply chain.
           2014                    Join Philips medica supply chain.
           2015                    Finish BOMcheck RoHS & REACH Declaration.
           2016                    Kanban Management and System Servers.
           2019                    Awarded TS16949 certification.

Capabilities & Services

     Project Management

     Our qualified and experienced team in the Project Management Department immediately gets down to engineering the best solutions to meet our customer’s specific requirements. The department fosters close partnership with the customer because we believe that better service comes with better understanding.

     Design Team

     Our highly experienced Design team with over 10 years of designing experience, is able to quickly provide unique solutions to meet our customer needs. This team is also instrumental in supporting in-house production jigs and fixtures for mass production. Careful planning and design work is carried out to ensure that zero defects are attained right from the start.

     Manufacturing Group

     JF’s Production team comprises of six main machining departments, namely, CNC Milling, CNC Turning, Conventional Milling/Turning, Grinding, Wirecut/EDM and our Post-processing group . Our team is competent to support both batch machining projects and high value-added mass production.In addition the Production team works hand in hand with our Engineering team, which is responsible for process generation, process implementation as well as continuous process improvement on the shop floor.

     Assembly Team

     Upon completion of production, project components are handed over to the Assembly team, consisting of highly qualified and experienced mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, software engineers and technicians. In addition to giving technical support to the design group, our Assembly team undertakes the assembly of turnkey machines involving mechanical assemblies, electrical wiring, software testing, machine troubleshooting as well as testing and commissioning of machines. We are also proficient in providing integration services at customer’s sites.

     Quality Assurance Team

     JF’s total commitment to customer satisfaction is monitored and supported by the QA department. Equipped with experience and qualified QA personnel, the team manages the company’s quality system, maintains the equipment calibration system and is dedicated to the overall management of the quality system. The QA department helps to ensure that consistency is exercised across all levels of design and production. Hence, with JF Precision Engineering, our customers can look forward to an excellent professional service and quality in all products and services.

Our Top Customers